Sick chickens? Frostbite?


Apr 13, 2020
The Netherlands
So it has been quite cold and last night it was freezing. We have 8 brahma's and there seems nothing wrong with them, but our 4 leghorn (mixes) have some black spots on their combs. One of them also has a comb that looks like it shrunk and is kind of pale. I will add pictures here shortly but in the meantime does anyone recognise this?

You can see some black spots here.

They all have the same black spots but i managed to photograph her the best. They look like scabs and with donut here they were falling off!

You can see a bit of black on the ends of her comb here. The pullet behind her is the same one as the picture underneath this one.
and this girl isn't looking to well. Don't know if she stands like that because she is cold.. but her comb is skinny andisn't floppy. She does eat. I also saw that one of our brahma cockerels had some black colouring on his wattles so i know that is frostbite for sure.

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