sick chickens help


6 Years
Jun 4, 2013
Someone tell me a good generic antibiotic i can put in my water for my chickens. I posted and no one helped me i can only assume it is the pox or something like that, they have a crusty thing on their beaks and their eyes are swelling shut they are lethargic and then they die. I want to treat the whole flock because it started with one or two now there are many, i have lost about 20 small chickens and don't want to loose any more. what can i put in their 2 gallon water containers to treat pox or multi infection antibiotic please i'm desperate.
You can get a bag of Duramycin-10 powder from most any feed store. You mix this with they're water. It's about $6 a bag. This will help with the infected eyes, or you can use Ciprofloacin 500 mg tabs for humans and mix 1 with yogert. This will help the infection, but the pox has to run its course, this takes about 3 weeks, all you can do is treat the symptoms, and keep uninfected birds separated. Good Luck!

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