Sick chickens maybe, not sure what to do? !!


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6 Years
Mar 4, 2013
I have a flock of 10 barred rock and 1 SS who all started laying around August. They were laying really well for a while about 7-10 eggs a day until recently. I always noticed an shell-less egg every once in a while and I was getting a double yolker about once a day. Then this past week it's like they just went on strike, getting maybe 3-4 eggs a day.

Then I woke up to one of my hens dead in the coop, I couldn't tell anything had been wrong with her. So I started keeping a closer eye on my flock. Now another hen is acting sickly I think she may have a broken egg inside of her. Her back end feels like it's filled with fluid and she is having some discharge. I've been keeping an eye on her and tried the hot bath which did seem to perk her up a little. If she is indeed egg bound should I go ahead and cull her that way at least there's a meal on the table or just wait and see what happens?

I'm still very concerned for the rest of my flock. I thought maybe the days shortening may be the reason for getting less eggs, not I'm not so sure. However, I feel pretty lost on what I should do, don't do, or keep a watch for.

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