sick chicks...have lost two out of six and i don't know why


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May 9, 2011
hi all....i need some help figuring out why i've lost two chicks. i initially posted a while back about a female sexlink chick, i think in the raising chickens forum. both she and the silkie chick i lost last night had the same symptoms, which were:

weak and wobbly, unsteady on their feet and slow to recover when they fall over
did not appear to be growing or gaining weight like the chicks i got with them of the same age
pasty vents
CONSTANT loud chirping, as though they were just sick and unhappy, more than the healthy chicks
appeared to eat and drink normally
the sexlink was under 3 weeks old, the silkie under 2 weeks

that's it. i gave the sexlink sugar water, egg yolks and yogurt, and she did eat and drink. she seemed to be improving, and then my husband found her drowned in her water dish. i gave the silkie the enfamil multi-vit drops with no iron last night after reading about it on the forum, but i think by that point it was too late because i could barely get her to drink it. the silkie declined much faster than the sexlink so i didn't have much time to try and help her. she died last night.

i took some pictures of the two silkies for size comparison last night. i was going to post them but i can't figure out how, sorry. i don't understand what's going on or why i've lost these two chicks. all six of my chicks have had the same heat, bedding, water, and medicated chick feed this whole time. am i doing something wrong???
ok here they are. sorry they're sidewise.



the rest of your chicks are doing good? if so it could just be a case of failure to thrive, it happens alot in baby chicks something happens in the egg or after hatching or during shipping or even after they get to the feed store, sorry you lost them. heres an interesting link. and
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that's kind of the feeling i got about it. i figured that if they had some illness or disease, it was pretty unlikely that their broodermates wouldn't have caught it. the only reason i haven't been sure is because i got the two chicks from two different hatcheries out here in town, and i don't know what a reasonable ratio of healthy chicks to those who don't make it is. also i wanted to make sure i wasn't killing them somehow!!

i will check out the link, thanks.

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