sick chicks maybe cocci?


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Jul 14, 2012
They are 5 weeks old. From what I have read it looks like coccidiosis. The black one was like tis yesterday and then today the gold one. I have been seeing a few bloody poops also. Any advise would be great. Thanks!

Yes they look like they have coccidiosis just from the pics. Corid liquid 2 tsp (or 1 tsp of the powder) in 1 gallon of water for 5-7 days is the best treatment. It is a drug for cattle used on chickens. After the 5-7 day treatment you should give them vitamins and probiotics for a couple of weeks. Tonight until you get Corid, you can give them milk or buttermilk with chick feed mixed in a paste to coat their intestines until you get the meds.
Also keep them warm, and make sure that they are drinking enough of the medicated water. Do not give any vitamins while they are taking Corid. If you can't get Corid (amprol in Canada) try to get Albon, Dimethox, or Sulfamed G which are brands names of sulfamethoxine. If Sulmet is the only drug you can get, go ahead and use it, but it is very hard on chickens.
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Went to farm store and they only had 1 gal in size for 100 $. does that sound right? Will duramyacin work?
Most farm stores here and Tractor Supply sell small containers or packets for $15-$20. Sulfadimethoxine would also work, but Corid is preferable. Can you call around? Maybe a local farmer friend might have some extra--it is used for cattle too.
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