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    My 2 1/2 yr old Cochin is sick. She is extremely malnourished and became so while acting normally. I had the same thing happen about 3 months ago with one of my Marans. I had to cull her. I have 25 other chickens who are perfectly healthy and a good weight. (I checked everyone). She eats and drinks. Her legs are a little weak. She clucks happily. Yesterday her urea had a was pink. Otherwise her poop is normal-no blood clots like you see with coccidiosis. What is wrong with my chicken??? I def. need some help. This case has me baffled.
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    Pink urates in the droppings can be normal overnight. Reproductive problems can be common in hens that age. Egg yolk peritonitis, internal laying, and other conditions can cause weak legs, a swollen lower abdomen, loss of weight in the breast area, a penguin stance, and soft shelled or absence of eggs. Most conditions like this may not be found until a necropsy is done after death. You could try treating her for necrotic enteritis with Tylan, oxytetracycline, or another antibiotic, and then give her a course of Corid afterward, just in case there is a coccidia overload. Probiotics in her diet or a small amount of plain yogurt may help with her diarrhea. There is blood in only the worst strains of coccidiosis--some just cause chronic wasting and diarrhea. Diseases like Mareks can also cause wasting.
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