Sick duck???

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    My Pekin, Bubbles, is worrying me. She had a limp yesterday, and didn't come to eat with the others. Today she wasn't limping and barely ate I put her in a pool with some cool water. When she got out, she wouldn't stop panting and making a honking sound. She is free range and stays under a shady tree with the other ducks for most of the day.What could be wrong?? [​IMG]
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    She may have a systemic infection. I would get her to a vet as soon as possible.

    Check her over carefully - is she egg bound? Give her time in a tub of lukewarm water deep enough to float in, see how she moves - look through her nares - they should not be clogged. Is her breathing raspy? Is she defecating normally?

    Also I suggest you post over on the Duck Forum - many members there do not seem to check this forum as often.
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