Sick flock help dieing daily


6 Years
Jun 4, 2013
I have a mix of light Brahmas, Barred Rock and bantam de flure chickens they are about 3 months old. They started getting what looked like dried feed on top of their beeks, I tried to brush it off (but it was attached and was gonna bleed if i did), so i left it alone. Now they are lethargic and some have their eyes closed and are dieing, whats going on please help. What should i do and if i need to medicate please advise what Medication and what dosage please. Thanks.
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I haven't seen any mites, not sure how to check for resp symptoms but they started with the what looks like a scab on top of their beaks, then seem lethargic and eyes matted over and then they r dying
I've been trying to find anything to help on line; could possibly be dry pox but not sure, it says pox should just pass. However, they aren't getting better. So maybe i need to treat with antibiotic for any bacteria they may be getting while fighting off the virus? not sure what to give or how much. I would want to maybe put something in their water like i did their corid before for coccidosis; any sugestions?
It isn't dry pox. Dry pox would look like black scabs on combs and wattles and it isn't usually fatal.

Can you post pictures? It sounds like a respiratory problem. When you say "on top of their beaks," do you mean where their noses are?

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