Sick flock!!! Lost one hen yesterday!

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    Sep 6, 2012
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    My flock has been sick for two weeks now after bringing home six new pullets three weeks ago! I took the sickest ones to the vet a week and half ago and we have ruled out Infectious laryngotracheitis with a test that was sent to Washington State University. What else could they possibly have that has the same symptoms?! My egg production went from ten a day to one or two every two days! Please help!
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    There are many respiratory diseases they can get and symptoms of one often mimick others, they can also have more then one thing at a time. Did your vet give you any antibiotic's for them? It usually helps prevent secondary infections and pneumonia and results in a lower mortality rate. They will likely still be carriers of whatever this is however even after they recover.

    If you loose another bird I'd strongly suggest a necropsy by a state lab. They will be able to tell you exactly what you are dealing. It's a lot easier to manage and treat when you know what disese they have. Or if you even want to continue dealing with it at all. Many people cull the flock and start over. Some diseases are worse then others in terms of repeated flare up's.

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