Sick Hen, Constipated, Wont eat, Weak

Desert Rooster

El Gallo Del Desierto
9 Years
Sep 4, 2010
Hesperia, Ca

AGE: 1yo

WHAT HAS SHE BEEN EATING: Very little to nothing

DAYS THIS HAS BEEN HAPPENING?: Since May 3rd, 3 days now

SYMPTOMS: She layed a soft egg that was ruptured, but the whole thing came out , she was doing fine, but now she just stands by herself, closes her eyes for a bit, wont eat, hasn't layed an egg.

This morning i checked her before she ate, and i noticed that her crop was still half full, its not hard nor soft, but i do notice that she squats like she wants to poo but nothing comes out.
I don't know what to do next or what to give her.
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