Sick Hen - Limp Comb, Poor Appetite, Isolating, Sunken Eyes, Puffed Feathers, Skinny. Ideas?


7 Years
Jan 27, 2015
Redding, California

If a vet is possible, take her in tomorrow. Give her water with vitamins and electrolytes, such as SaveAChick, or some Poultry Nutridrench. Use a dropper if necessary. Check her skin around the vent and elsewhere for signs of lice or mites (tiny bugs, white or dark egg larvae.) Take in a few samples offresh droppings for a fecal test to your vet. Give her some soft egg, tuna, or wet feed. Make sure she isnot cold or chilled.
Also, how old is she? Could she be getting ready for a molt, or has she recently been broody?
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Thank you so much! Sorry, I was having internet trouble and could not get my text portion of this to load. I have posted it again this morning, the same question with all of the relevant details. I appreciate your reply! However unfortunately a vet is not possible, largely due to the cost but also I am living way out in the country and don't have transportation to town, even if I had the resources and there were an avian vet. Thanks again for the advice I will do as you say regarding the vitamins and soft feed, and check for bugs. Thank you!
Hi there. Is she still laying? Is her vent dirty at all? Does she still perch with the others? I have a sick bird right now with suspected egg yolk peritonitis-it's probably not the same problem but just a thought.

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