Sick Hen! Need Help!

Hannah Bannana

5 Years
Apr 30, 2014
Hi:) I just had a question about my hen. We had a 4 year old rhode island red named chipmunk and she passed away recently from being ill. wasn't really sure what she has passed from. She was a good size bird! The typical "pig" haha when it came to eating bread or cereal for a treat:) We had 8 birds now down to 7... When she passed her comb turned purple, she lost significant weight! She also lost appetite and had a hard time seeing. Her eyes turned of a dark orange and she was like choking on her own saliva... She wouldn't be able to eat or cluck because she would constantly have saliva coming from her beak. When she finally passed she was all bones and feathers. I am AFRAID:'( that what she had has passed on to our 8 year old hen Funky.... Would anyone happen to know what she might of had or how we can help or stop it from spreading to our other 3 hens, 3 roosters or maybe or our 2 pet ducks...
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