Sick hen - weak, not moving, wobbly

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    This morning one of my hens refused to leave the nesting box for hours. I eventually picked her up and put her down outside the coop to see if anything was wrong with her. She didn't fight me when I picked her up (which is unusual) and when I put her down she stood in place, wobbling like she didn't have the strength to stand normally. She also has a lot of goop and bedding stuck to her bottom and legs, possibly from a broken egg as it looked kind of yolk-y. There have been some broken eggs recently but we put out oyster shell to help. I tried to get the hen moving and she stumbled around for a few steps but seemed unwilling to move. She is standing with her wings slightly stuck out and her feathers look a little ruffled. She did drink a little water but I haven't seen her eat. The other hens are free ranging but she is just sitting in the pen. The other hens look fine, running around and eating.

    Now, I work long hours and am gone all day during the week so I haven't seen how she's been acting the past few days. I don't think this could have been going on for too long without someone else noticing, though.

    I plan on soaking her bottom in warm water to get some of the goop off, but what else can I do? Should I separate her and bring her inside or leave her out with the other hens?
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