Sick hen?


7 Years
Jun 14, 2015
My year old olive Egger is acting droopy. I checked for lice/ mires and if she was egg bound. Neither of those seems to be an issue. She is the last one out/ of the coup and the first one in for the night. They free range all day and she will go sit inde a vehicle in the shade in the morning. Instead of ranging around. She has feather loss on her belly. Any other suggestions that I can check for? Can a hen be broody outside the nesting boxes? It has been very not and humid here and egg production has slowed. This hen is droopy though so it makes me think something is up with her. Any suggestions?


In the Brooder
Jun 5, 2016
Charleston, SC
Sorry that you never received an answer on this. There are so many threads and not enough people to answer.
My first "go to" is always to make sure she has no worms. Check for mites or chicken lice. Look for mites under her wings.

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