sick hen


Jul 4, 2016
Hi there, my Polish hen has got one eye permanently closed. she sits in the corner and seems just to sleep and when she does walk about its like she's had too many vodkas
. She is generally in good health and is eating and drinking ok but just seems very lethargic in herself. She hasn't laid for a couple of days now either.

I have tried bathing the eye but don't seem to be getting anywhere with it.

Any advice would be much appreciated.
Welcome to BYC.

Is the eye/face swollen?
How old is she?
Any signs of respiratory illness - coughing, sneezing, etc.?

Try placing a warm damp cloth (compress) on the eye to see if you can start working on getting it open. If you do, then flush with saline. She may have been pecked in the eye or have something in it.

The stumbling around is not normal, so keep an eye on her. If it's really hot where you are it could be a sign of heat stress. There are also other illnesses/diseases that can cause stumbling. Marek's, moldy toxicity, internal laying/reproductive disorders (Peritonitis/Salpingitis) just to name a few.

Also check her over for lice/mites to make sure that is not an issue.
Thanks for the advice. I am bathing the eye with salt water then using a saline solution to flush it through. I've checked for mites but she seems ok. I think it could be a pecked eye from one of the larger birds. I am feeding her seperately otherwise she will starve. The unsteadiness is weird. I'm putting it down to being blind in one eye at moment. I have watched her on occasions stretching her head up in the air and opening her beak as if kind of yawning which is slightly strange. She just seems so tired and sits in one place most of the day. She had the runs too. I am keeping a very watchful eye on her. I'm really disappointed as she's my favourite hen and very loveable and we have only had these four birds for around 3 weeks and I would hate to lose her.

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