Sick hen


9 Years
Aug 7, 2010
I have a five year old Buff Orpington hen who hasn't been acting right lately. She is all puffed up and is pasting in the back. I just de-wormed them all incase it was worms. She is eating and drinking a little.Any idea what could be wrong with her???
5 years is getting kinda old might just be old age
might just give her a couple of days and see how she does since you just wormed her.. also be sure to give her some type of probiotic, yogurt, kefir, butter milk to help with gut flora after worming.. you can trim up her feathers around her vent to keep it cleaner there, I do that to my chickens. have you checked your birds for lice or mites? heres a site that might help,
I'm sorry your hen is ailing.
Any other symptoms besides the fluffing up? No discharge from the nose, breathing from mouth, or injury? I take it that this has come on suddenly, anybody else acting funny? Have you checked for crop impaction? It does sounds like she isn't feeling good. It's good that you went ahead and wormed everyone, might as well start checking off possibilities. Do you think she is eating?
Unfortunately my poor hen didn't make it
I'm thinking it was just old age cause everyone else is acting fine... But Thank you all for your help and replies!

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