sick hen ????

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    Sep 29, 2013
    I have a rhode island red hen around 24 weeks today i have noticed her making a gargling sound and acting almost dazed. Ive heard i could be so many things. From broody (she did fluff up and hiss at my husband over an egg the otherday) o a gape worm whigh i know nothing about. aswell as respitory infection (she had some wetness on her beck i assume it could be a runny nose.) I have her seperated.. any ideas??

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    If she is broody they can act dazed and act as though in a trance. If she is gurgling, she sounds as though she has a respiratory disease. Smell of her head, and note any bad odors. Look into the eyes for bubbles and drainage. Check her nose for drainage or dried thick secretions. Listen for any sneeze or cough. Does she have swelling of either eye or the face under the eye? Is she eating or drinking, and any diarrhea? There is a farm store medication called Tylan50 injection (about $12) that you can give her as a shot in the breast muscle, or orally if you are very careful so she doesn't choke. It is available as a powder to use in the drinking water also. Here is some info about diseases--look at mycoplasma, coryza, infectious bronchitis especially:

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