sick hen


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8 Years
Sep 4, 2011
One of my girls is sick. She is having a hard time standing up, her tail is down, her comb is not as bright. She hides in the coop from the others. I have fed her separate from the others and gave her access to her own water. She eats but not a lot. She was like this last year but recovered. The other girls are doing well. She is a white plymouth rock. Please any help would be appreciated. I have not seen any mites....although recently my easter egger has lost a few feathers close to her back tail on top? Please help!!!!
Welcome to BYC. Has she been wormed lately, and with what? What does her crop look like in the morning? Are her poops looking normal? Some low pecking order chickens will be kept from the feed. If you can't find a problem maybe offer her some scrambled egg daily, or place her in a crate inside the coop with her own food for part of the day to see that she eats.

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