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  1. My lovely 10-month old pullet Clover is sick. On Monday night I noticed that she was hunched in the corner and had minor frostbite on the very tips of her comb. So I brought her into our basement, put a bunch of hay in a large box, and set her up with food and water. I'm suspecting Coccidiosis, so yesterday afternoon I treated her water with the amprolium 9.6% stuff.
    Here are her symptoms:
    Kind of runny greenish poop
    *Sometimes* a *very* slight runny nose (or maybe that's just me)
    Pale comb/wattles/earlobes
    Acting lethargic
    We've had no eggs from her since Monday, but then again I'm not turning on any extra lights because of the stress factor
    Not moving a ton
    Thoughts? I'm hoping that if she survived this long, she can make it.
    She ate a slice of cheese last night. I'm giving her water and food by hand, just to make sure that she's eating as well.
    Am I totally wrong with the whole Coccidiosis thing?
    Any ideas on what to do? We're out of yogurt so I can't give her that.

  2. chooks4life

    chooks4life Crowing

    Apr 8, 2013
    If it's coccidiosis it probably should have responded by now but a lot of people still lose chooks to it once having treated anyway. I use only garlic against it and have never had a loss with that, so I'd be giving her freshly minced raw garlic for the next week personally, about two or more cloves a day. If she won't eat it at all, adding it to hardboiled egg can help.

    But it could be a lot of things of course, might be an injury (they can be very hard or even impossible to detect), organ damage or failure, so many possibilities. Sorry, I know that's not helpful. A vet might be able to help, maybe, if you can afford them and you know they're an avian vet.

    Best wishes.
  3. Eggcessive

    Eggcessive Free Ranging Premium Member

    Apr 3, 2011
    southern Ohio
    Has she been wormed recently? What does her crop feel like? Look her skin over for signs of mites--some only come on them at night. The greenish droppings may be due to her not eating or the food not passing through. Corid/amprollium will not hurt her, so I would finish her treatment. I would deworm her with Valbazen right away, and if you can't find that, get SafeGuard Liquid Goat Wormer. Dosage of either is 1/2 ml by mouth for an average 5 lb chicken, then repeat in 10 days. Sevin dust and permethrin applied to the skin will both treat mites. Dusting has to be repeated every 7 days, the coop would need treatment if you see mites or lice. There can be many possibilities for her illness. I had one similar who died in 2 days from onset of symptoms, and she had a blocked gizzard (I did a necropsy.) She would eat part of a scrambled egg--most chickens will eat that. Is there anything else about her stools to describe? Chickens with enteritis can have undigested feed in their droppings. You need to get some vitamins and probiotics to give her after the cocci treatment for several days to replace vitamins and the beneficial gut bacteria.

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