1. chixmaidservice

    chixmaidservice Chirping

    Oct 13, 2013
    Ok- sorry if more research would of given me the answer. I did search back in these threads but I feel time is of the essence and want to spend more time treating and less reading. I wormed my flock in the fall, then of course acquired 3 more rescue birds. One of these hens (white leghorn) has been very lethargic x2 days. I brought her in last night and examined- full squishy crop-no injuries- No respiratory issues, no feel of egg bound. She did not seem to eat or drink overnight- one very cottage cheesy looking poo- most stuck to vent fluff- in cleaning this off I found several thread like worms. Ugh- is that the problem? and how to treat- can I give her a wormer when so debilitated? I think I would have to return her to flock for her to eat -she is very scared of people and being alone.

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