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Oct 8, 2015
I hope someone is up late and can help please! My new babies were lost in shipping, arrived dead/freezing and I was able to save one feisty Easter Egger. She hatched Monday, arrived Thursday and she is barely eating.

I have given her gaderade for drinking by syringe, gaderade in her water, chick food, scrambled/boiled egg... She just is not interested.

How much should she be eating?

I just checked on her and she was chirping quietly. It is 1:30 AM. Should she be peppy if I wake her? She was only interested in sleeping. Shouldn't she be wiggly at least a little?

Any peeps advise please?
That's is very sad they were lost in shipping and you have only been able to save one :hugs

Have you got her under a heat lamp? All the things you are doing are right. Have you tapped the chick crumb with your finger to encourage her to investigate it? This can get them interested in the food. At first she may just need to warm up before she does anything, how long have you had her now?
I have had her since 11:20 on Thursday. Yes, tapping with some success. I am just crushed that we have turned into a chicken hospital not a happy chicken home.

How much energy should she have in the middle of the night?

How much food should she be eating at this point?
During the night not so much energy. They do sleep at night as they would if they were with a mother hen. Is there any way you could get her another chick for a friend? A small stuffed toy could also help her so she is not on her own.

During the day especially before bedtime you should be able to check her crop to see if it has food in. Does she have a little bulge on the front of her chest later in the day?
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Oh I don't know about crop checking! I guess I need to google that now.

Yes, we are working on getting friends. She needs them bad. I have a half nest rolled up wash cloth under her EcoGlow for her which she likes to cuddle with. A stuffed bird toy under there, and a fuzzy sock as well. She talks to her mirror a little... This is so not how I pictured this week going.
Sounds like you are doing all you can for her there. Is that her in your avatar? She's a cutey pie :love

I know it's not how you envisaged it to be but your doing a great job. I'm afraid these things can happen. Keep going with encouragement to get her to eat, make sure your crumb is quite fine so she finds it easy to eat.

How is she doing now?
Yes that is our little girl! She is quietly chirping today... Not as active this afternoon, not eating much. I will make her chickie baby food smaller, great idea! She can't seem to figure out eating very well. Can her quiet chirping mean she is too lonely? We are giving her love and I worry that we are holding her too much. I need a magic wand.

Thank you for the ideas, thoughts and encouragement!
I hope you called the hatchery you ordered from, they need to know & deal with the delivery. You haven't posted in a couple days, I hope your chicks doing ok? As Yorkshire Coops says, keep the chick warm & a feather duster works great too. When I had a single hatch, it would snuggle into it. Prayers going your way.

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