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Hi everyone I've been around chickens my whole life but until this last Sunday I never owned any personal chickens so I went to our local flea market and asked for the tiniest chickens they had and they had seramas I was so excited! So I got a rooster and a hen brought them home and my husband finished building their little everything proof coop and we put them in now Monday I checked and fed and watered them their both soooo sweet and seem happy especially the rooster Tuesday the hen seems kinda sad she's laying on the dirt pile I put in for them to fluff around in and keeps falling asleep I checked her all over for mites and felt for any hard masses and No runny nose so me and my brother put some bugs in with them and she perked up and ate all of them the rooster didn't have a chance lol and she eats her scratch and drinks water she does have runny poop and when I hold her she passes out and just goes limp then I put her back and she kinda waddles around and lays back on the dirt pile and her comb is pale so I've read tons of different forums and everything what do you chicken experts lol think is wrong? Is it stress from the flea market or new environment or being away from her other chicken friends or is she sick please let me know what you all think and please No criticism about the flea market purchase I know slot of people frown on it and I do too especially when I see how they handle the animals but I consider it me rescuing them lol so please let me know asap thanks
Glad you joined us!

I'm thinking that your hen is sick, though it doesn't sound very severe (yet). She may have been stressed out by the flea market, and it is possible that she wasn't cared for correctly before you bought her. So here is what I would do:

  • Purchase some chicken vitamins/electrolytes from a livestock supply store and put them in her water.
  • Purchase some probiotics and put them in her water or give her some plain yogurt
  • Get a good wormer and worm both her and the rooster. Excellent wormer choices include SafeGuard (sold for goats) and Valbazen. Wazine and Ivermectin are two other wormers, but I don't recommend their use since Wazine only works on roundworms and many parasites are resistant to ivermectin.
  • Get some Sevin dust and dust her for external parasites. I know you looked, but mites/lice can be hard to see, and they'll definitely stress out a bird.
  • Observe her carefully for the next few days. Make sure she eats and drinks well, and see if she develops any other symptoms.

One other possibility is that she has Coccidiosis. If that is the case, then the treatment would be Corid, which can usually be purchased from a livestock supply store (it is sold for cattle and other large animals). If she doesn't improve in the next few days, I would get some Corid and dose her with it.

Good luck!
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Thank you so much I'll do all of those I really hope she doesn't die on me she's so sweet and loves bugs lol I've only had them 4 days but I already love them so much and she perks up when I cluck at her and feed them I just checked them again and she was following Rico that's what I named him hence the flea market with all the Mexicans lol and eating scratch and drank some water but she still falls asleep randomly and seems sad so I'll try all those and hopefully something works thank you very much
I saw your post about matting a bit ago. You got great advice from BantamLover21! Usually it is best to isolate a sick hen but I don't think I would in this case since it is just the two of them. The roo has most likely been exposed to the same things as her anyway. Be sure and get her some wormer, the pale comb is an indication that she may have some sort of parasite. It shouldn't hurt your little roo to have some too. As for the Sevin, that is important too. It can be kind of stressful but it works. I use the same dust that I use in my garden. Turn your hen upside down (I know it sounds cruel but this insures the dust gets under her wings) and quickly dust her, avoiding eyes and ears. It shouldn't take long and boy does it work! Dust her once more in about a week. It is probably a good idea to dust your roo and the area they roost as well.
Make sure they both have a good nutritious feed!
Give her a bit of time, moving is stressful for birds. Good luck with your new additions.

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