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    Jul 16, 2016
    I have a 3 to 4 year old female Jumbo Peking. Hasn't been laying eggs for a few months. Just her time not to. The day before yesterday we noticed she didn't want to eat. She ate the day before, didn't notice anything different. Her tail is up, and she was drinking water. I gave her some colloidal silver, she seemed to perk up some but no eating. I gave her olive oil, If she is having stool it is clear. Turned her upside down, nothing came out. Any suggestions etc..
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    @candrews922 Could she have eaten something toxic gotten into some stagnant water or dead plant or animal material, she may need a flush
    What is her favorite treat have you tried that? If she is drinking she may eat some feed it it's made like soup. where she can drink it.

    She goes for months with out laying eggs, have you gently felt down close to vent if there could possibly be an egg stuck?

    If you think she could have gotten into a toxin here is the link for flushes. they have to be followed just as directed.
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