Sick pullet, please help! Update, Moldy food

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    I found out what the problem is with my hen. When I was getting food out for the chickens I noticed that there were moldy clumps in it. For the last week and a half I have been having breathing problems after feeding the chickens. I never put it together until that moment. I have done some research about treatments. I am very concerned because ALL of my flock has had at least some of the bad food. She is the only one symptomatic but I would rather treat everyone to make sure. I read about activated charcoal and molasses. Which of these should be tried first and in what dosage? I don't think this hen has eaten in days. I was feeding her electrolytes in the form of powerade but I have read that was a bad thing to do. I am SO confused. I just don't want to lose my whole flock. HELP!

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    Any update today? Sorry I didn't see your post last night. Hope your chickens are OK. I'm not really sure of the correct course of action.
    Here's some directions for flushing the digestive tract of chickens.


    Molasses Solution

    Add one pint of molasses to 5 gallons of water

    Offer the drinking solution free-choice to the affected birds for about four hours. Treat severely affected birds individually if they cannot drink. Return the birds to regular water after the treatment period.

    As a supportive treatment for symptoms resulting from Cryptosporidia infection, often referred to as coronaviral enteritis, use:

    One quart molasses in 20 gallons of water

    Offer this solution free-choice for a period of up to 7-10 days. It is assumed that the molasses replaces certain minerals lost from diarrhea during the course of the infection.

    Epsom Salt Solution

    1 lb Epsom Salt per 15 lb feed
    1 lb Epsom Salt per 5 gallons water for 1 day

    Give the epson salt feed mixture as the sole feed source for a one day period. This feed can be used only if the birds are eating. If the birds are not eating, use the water solution. If the birds are unable to eat or drink by themselves, use individual treatment with:

    1 teaspoon of Epsom Salt in 1 fl oz water

    Place the solution in the crop of the affected bird. This same amount of solution will treat 5-8 quail or one chicken.

    Castor Oil Therapy

    Dose individual birds with .5 oz castor oil.

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