Sick Roo...need help!


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Mar 21, 2018
NE Pennsylvania
I only have a little flock, 3 females and 1 protective roo. My little roo is currently inside in quarantine. He’s eating and drinking but he’s hunched and fluffed up, his beak now has gooey orange/yelowish goo around the nostrils and just inside his mouth, he started making a sneezy sound this evening along with a slight wheeze, his poo is watery and white, and he’s struggling to walk. He’s been inside for several days and I thought he was fairly perked up this morning. I was away during the day and he’s added the goo around his beak, the wheezing, and the sneezing this evening. I have Wazine mixed in water to deworm, and I was leaning towards worms until I saw his beak tonight. I love his little trills and crows and hate to see him suffering. So far my girls are okay. Any help would be appreciated?
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