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    My only and favorite rooster is sick. He tries to crow but can't because he is challenged by some respiratory problem, began with gurgling sounds, like someone heavily congested (like he's having trouble breathing), and coughs/sneezes a little. I put the water soluble Terramycin in his water and gave him a few drops of VetRx. I just got this wormer by Rooster Booster also that I am supposed to add to his feed. My questions are: Can I give him this wormer in his feed while he is getting the Terramycin in his water? And another problem is I don't know how to measure a pound of feed (don't have scales) and he is eating my hens' layers mash, and the directions with the Wormer says to add this scoop they supplied to a pound of feed. Does anyone know around how many cups that might be? I know that the density may play a part in it. Also, I read that it is good to give them yogurt when they have taken an antibiotic. Do I give him the yogurt during the week of taking the Terramycin or after? I'm real confused and don't want to make him any sicker! He is eating some and his wattle and comb are still red.
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    Give him yogurt every day during and for awhile after antibiotic treatment.

    There is some evidence out there that roos should not have layer food because of the high calcium level. I feed mine wild bird maintenance food. Layer is also available for my hen but he opts for the wild bird maintenance, as does she. Oyster shell is available 24/7 so she can get the calcium she needs.

    Make sure he stays hydrated and very comfortable and hopefully that will help him fight whatever is ailing him.

    The symptoms do not spell "worms" so I am not at all sure I would be worming him while he is compromised like this.

    Provide maximum nutrition. Avia Charge 2000 in water if you have it - that's what I use. Or Durvet Vitamins for poultry. Or, Rooster Booster (they have a vitamin formula that some really like to use). Or a few drops daily of Polyvisol liquid childrens vitamins (without iron). <------ Not all of these things at once. Choose one.

    Give him anything that enriches his life and increases his will to fight - mealworms, sunflower seeds, egg, cut up bits of grape/berries, whatever you've found that he loves and that is also nutritious.

    As far as exactly what is wrong with him, I'm sorry that I don't know what it is. I would have my roo at the vet if he was acting that way and I didn't know what exactly was wrong because respiratory issues can be very grave (not to mention terribly uncomfortable for them) if not treated quickly and well, unless it's a quick transient mild thing.

    I hope very much that your roo will get well soon.

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