Sick skinny chicken


7 Years
Jan 19, 2013
I have a white leg horn who is about 4 years old she is super skinny right now with a droopy comb and a dirty but. She's had problems in the past but always got better but I'm afraid she won't this time. She is the only one that is sick, we got her some vitamins today, I haven't given them to her yet but I'm wondering what I can do to fatten her up. Winter is coming and its already pretty cold and I don't want her to freeze. Any suggestions?
If she were mine, and I could get a stool specimen to a vet to check for coccidiosis and worms, I would do it. At her age she may have bacterial enteritis, which can occur when there has been coccidiosis. You could always give her worm medication--fenbendazole is good, and I would treat her at 1 ml for 5 days in case she has some hard to treat worm such as capillaria. Corid or amprollium for coccidiosis for 5-7 days would also be something I would do. Try giving her 20% protein flock raiser feed or 24% game bird feed and an egg daily may help her gain weight. Probiotics and vitamins for 3 days a week in the water would help with immunity.
Ok would I treat her seperately or treat all? Also would you know where I could buy some chicken sweaters? I know it sounds ridiculous but it's been in the 50's here and she is super skinny so I want her to stay as warm as possible. I have no where to put her in the house. I could put her in their coop with the Heat lamp but I don't know how well that would work....?

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