Sick young chic, getting desperate, am I doing this right?


Jul 30, 2016
Sedro woolley Wa

Please help!
This is my first post on here and I saw how helpful you all were and I wanted to ask for advice. Here's the stor with "Hope" our new Brahma chic that was born in June. She's the chic that looks asleep in this picture. Some back information on her: she and our other chic cam from the same breader located just down the road. Shes from a very clean and well organized home. She was kept indoors and got feed garden veggies and the same feed she is eating at our house. I have kept in contact with the person I got her from and they are not sure what to do. Non of there flock are sick and she didn't get sick until the day after she got from our house.
Here's the whole story.... I have 3 chickens but unfortunately a dog got into our yard and killed 2 of our flock. We were left with Charlotte who was traumatized and lonely. We fix the issue with the dogs are secured the situation. Anyways we got a new chicken from the exact same age and group of chics that Charlotte came from.
When we got Hope she was scared but very healthy. We noticed she was lethargic the next day and not eating. Then it got worse. That was a week and a half ago. At first I thought maybe she was just sad or in shock from the change and she would adjust. She continued to not eat or drink. I thought maybe she got sick from going from an indoor coop to an outside coop where she can range as she couldn't before. So I became to tube feed her with probiotics and electrolytes and crushed up her food and feed her all amounts a couple times a day. Nothing changed. I then from research started adding 100 mg of amoxcillin 2 times a day through an eye dropper. So Hope has been on antibiotics for 5 days now and tube feeding. This is how she is this morning: will barely stand, she mostly sleeps, her wings hang a little, she won't eat or drink on her own, diarrhea (I noticed it was green this morning). She seems to have not much control of her head movement at times. She peeps and will occasionally clean herself. She'll look around. Otherwise just sits.
It's been pretty warm lately but at night I turn a heatlamp on them at night. I did bring her in when I first noticed her sickness but after a few days of that I figured maybe if she was not alone in the coop she wouldn't be so stressed out.
Sorry this it's scattered, maybe because my brain is scattered on what's best to get Hope better. These are our only pets and it's heartbreaking having to see her so sick.
Oh and Charlotte is completely healthy!
Please help me and tell me what I could do better or otherwise.
Thank you, thank you, thank you!!

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