Sickly Frizzle Chicken


7 Years
Nov 10, 2012
Hi, I have a frizzle chicken who is about 5 months old. We have had her for about 3 weeks now. Yesterday I noticed that her right eye was closed and seemed to be sensitive to the light. She wasn't real eager to get out of the coop like the other 2 chickens.

Our male bantam brahma is 6 months old and our other 4-5 month old female frizzle. They are all the same size.

Today she has been acting lethargic; laying around under the butterfly bush with her wing spread out and her eyes closed. She is normally walking around eating grass or whatever she can find. Her poop is also runny.

We feed them bread everyday, Formax chicken feed everday, meal worms on occasion, and various vegetables.

I also applied Neosporn to her eye.

I am not real sure what else I can do, can anyone help me please?
WElcome, am sorry you are having problems with your new one. Try posting over the the "Emergencies/Diseases" part of the forum.

In meantime, glad you are here, and hope we can get someone to help you out!
tiss the season for colds one of my easter egger just came down with one im going to get some antibatics that you add to thir water you can get them at most all feed store or online just make sure you look to see that it can be given to one that is laying first if not then you will have to put her in a pen by her self the ones that say do not eat the eggs are stonger when the ones that let you eat the eggs don`t work first then i have bilt a cage that is heated for cold night`s that I put my birds in that I can get rid of the egg`s if any that the sick girl my lay thir`s meny way to heat the cage like heat lamps or space heaters it don`t take long to get them well thir is some place `s that even has the antbatics that you can give them by shot all you do is part the feathers on the brest an give it to them I have never had to take one to the vet but that can be done too good luck and please let me know how it`s going with her sorry about your sick one

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