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Jan 12, 2016
We finally own a little chunk of land and my family and I have decided to enjoy the life of raising chickens. I have a 7, 4, and 10 month old. I was wondering how worried I should be about my kids getting sick from handling the chicks (soon chickens). My kids are totally in love and want to hold and raise these chicks are pets and members of the family. I love the idea! My wife and I just want to be cautious and make sure the family and the chicks are safe. I know that the best measures are hand washing and sanitizer, but I'm not sure how this works when my kids what to lay down and let the chicks crawl on them. Thanks in advance.


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Plain old hand washing after handling chicks, or any animal, should be all you need. My kids were raised around my chicks, and many other farm animals, never a problem. We have a few simple rules: Wash your hands after handling animals or doing outside chores. No barn shoes in the house. That's really about it. I am cautious though about letting young children handle very small chicks just for the safety of the chicks. Children often squeeze without intending too and chicks are fragile. For small children I hold the chick and let them pet it.


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No kissing. That's the biggest rule. Don't kiss animals. The CDC tracked some salmonella outbreaks and they were pretty much all related to folks kissing their chicks.

And basic handwashing. Letting the chicks crawl on the kiddos should be fine. they'll get pooped on and might not want the chicks to be on them anymore, that's fine. And that little bit of poop won't hurt anything, just try not to let the kiddos eat it...
. Soap and water are your friends

Of course, all this goes on the assumption your kiddos are otherwise healthy. If anyone is immune compromised, I'm sure you would have mentioned it.

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