Sidewalk grit?


8 Years
Feb 16, 2011
As many probably know, there are a lot of small stones close to the sidewalk and road. Could I possibly use that as grit for my chickens? Or if not, what could i use as grit for them? The nearest feed store is really far. Thanks.


In the Brooder
9 Years
Jan 9, 2011
San Francisco
I read that chickens that have access to outdoor gravel such as a gravel driveway or road do not need special purchased grit. I gave my chicks play sand and then parakeet grit from the supermarket when they were in the brooder. Outside, I have a lot of different kinds of gravel in the garden (I have clay soil and am obsessed with drainage) so once I put them outside I have never worried about grit. They instinctively eat the right size, from what I can tell, if they are free ranged or in a pen with gravel in the dirt. I also give them a lot of oyster shell, the kind that you can really tell is shells. The oyster shell is also a cheap landscaping mulch, if you like the look. If you are keeping them in a very small space without a dirt floor, you might need to provide grit but you can probably get it at a garden store or a pet store with bird supplies or even fish gravel. In short, I don't think there's anything magic about "poultry grit." But I'm curious what other more experienced people have to say.

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