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    Apparently Comfortis is no longer working on my Shih Tzu. It's working great on my Lab though! So, I put some Revolution from the vet onto Vida, the Shih Tzu and onto the kitten. This was yesterday about 4PM. Vida is still itching like a maniac (after a bath with Dawn...) and Mira, the kitten, after her bath still has fleas crawling all over her, INCLUDING directly on the site where I applied the Revolution.

    Does this stuff not work? How long does it take to come into effect?

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    I hope revolution works. I just treated all 3 of my indoor cats about 10 minutes ago.
    I haven't had any problem with any of the drops except Frontline.
    For a quick shot try Capstar. It's a pill, and it's supposed to start working in 30 minutes. But it is a one shot thing, does not work for 30 days like the drops. I use it on the ferals, hoping I can reduce their flea load during the summer.

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    I got my stuff for my dogs and I have all sizes from Chihuahua to Gt Py cross at Wal=Mart and its called Pet Armor and it has worked wonderfully and its very cost effective also at $28.00. Might want to give it a try as my poop Zu is doing well with it.

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