Sigh... I don't know why!


11 Years
May 20, 2008
I don't know why my girl died last night. She was laying on the ground in what seemed a normal manner, but when I went closer to the pen for changing water/feed she didn't move. So I picked her up and she didn't struggle at all. Not even to gain her balance in being picked up. My guess was being egg bound, but I couldn't feel an egg. Maybe it was deeper or more internal than what I could feel? Maybe she was bound up by something else? She was pooping, so that wasn't blocked. ??????? It really frustrates me when I don't know what it is I am fighting against. I feel so helpless.

Anyway, it was a very sad night last night. She was one of my BA girls - and a good layer too. I hope she didn't suffer too much.
For comfort I slept with my little d'Uccle roo chick. He is such a love and will cuddle right in when held. My husband didn't even protest that I had brought a chick in for the night. What a nice hubby he is.

Thanks for letting me share my little sad note. Hope everyone has a beautiful day!!
So sorry for loss. I know the feeling of being helpless. What an awesome understanding hubby you have.
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