SIGH - This is what happens when you move........

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    So, my big beautiful house way up in the mountain was perfect for our small flock of backyard hens. Then, we get the brilliant idea that our $300k mortgage is a bit much, and we should save up to go mortgage free. Have our eyes on a nice property, and sold our home, and are now renting a tiny home in town. In town = no chickens. So, we agree to board them at a friends house. We deliver the coop, run and food, give detailed instructions, and all is well in our little world, except that we miss our babies.

    This past weekend, my friend has to leave to stay with her mom. My husband goes over to check on our babies after work, and the run door is open!!!! And the coop door is open too!!!!! And 3 hens are gone, the remaining 2 are severely traumatized, but not injured. Thing is, the coop has 2 locks, 1 is at the top, and is a slide-bolt, the bottom is block of 3x2x1 that swings down over the door stopped by screws. The run is a 10x10 dog kennel, with chicken wire over the bottoms and corners. But none of that matters if the doors are open! So, I call my friend, and she says she saw her son latch both doors, which I do believe. So, who opened the doors???? Neighbors? Hikers? Random kids? I'm so devastated!!!

    Later that night we went back, because we began to wonder if someone broke into the house. As I was checking the doors, I almost stepped on one of my EE's asleep on the porch. On further inspection, we find 2 very prominent piles of feathers, one is obviously from our only silkie, and one is from our other beautiful grey EE. [​IMG] The feathers tell the tale, our 2 babies are gone forever.

    Needless to say, we have some very illegal poultry hidden inside our shed. Luckily, our neighbors are great, and we can give our babies some outdoor time for a few hours. It's not ideal, but for the moment it works. [​IMG] the city never finds out!!!!
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    That's awful. I'm so sorry. There are several illegal chicken owners here on BYC. It's unfortunate how stupid some town and city ordinances are. If your birds are illegal in your town, just anticipate the "when" you will be caught. I have a few friends that have house chickens. Their argument is what is the difference between that and a parrot. To which I have no argument! [​IMG] I'm an enabler after all.

    Keep your chickens safe and I hope you find a happy ending to all of this.
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    Thank you muggs! I know of several people who do keep chickens here in town, one had 5 very loud roosters for about a year. It all depends on when you get turned in. For me, I hope to have purchased our new property soon, and the chickens will be able to be moved if/when we get turned in. We are all just so stumped about who opened the doors and let the predators in. Or did someone hear the ruckus and come inspecting and not shut the doors? Then, why did only 2 get eaten, and 2 were still inside the run while 1 got out. Oh the unanswered questions we may never answer. We are thinking of getting an old camper and converting it, so it looks like a parked camper, but houses our chicks. Anyone ever do that?
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    That is sad. Also the same reason I won't leave mine for anyone else to look after. The wife's somewhat upset but I just won't do it. I'll sell them all first. I will leave them during the day, but overnight is out. I know you say your friends are looking after the hens, but no one is going to care for you're hens like you. Plus I've found children are not to be trusted with things of great importance. And to me anything under 25 is a minor. Chores are not "fun". That's just the way it is. Let um take on responsibility but always check behind anything they do, in this case chickens lose their lives. Really sad.
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    darn, too bad. nothin like the feeling of loosing one of your birds. for whatever reason
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    sorry for your loss
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    Quote:X2 [​IMG]

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