Signs of a snake bite

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    Ok I have a post going about a huge swollen foot and everything so far has been about infection and I am running with that to treat this hen but the possibility that this could be snake has been raised by family and husband so I need more info. i will continue following the infection advise until I know to do something different. I see no point in holding back treatment.

    Ok one is dead and I see no marks readily but on the one with the swollen foot I see 2 puncture marks. I did not see them at first. One I thought maybe was new since it was bleeding and I did not see blood before I cleaned it. Both marks are black though. The foot seems to be a bit less swollen and I can see things a bit better. Its at least a normal color again on the parts where the blue cote rubbed off anyway. On the pad of her foot is one puncture and on the side of it is another. They are black where other stuff is kinda pink. solid hard black.

    Also an egg was found in the fencing where the other died like 5 foot away but up under the fence with a single hole in it.

    Should I be looking under predators also on what to do. Does this change my treatment? What should I look for with a snake bite. I know we have them. I just assumed my hens would be up safe on their roosts.
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    We had a snake biting our girls, and I lost two of them before we found him.


    all we had to go on were puncture wounds, and dead chickens. [​IMG] As for treatment, I have no clue. We just built a snake trap. I got the plans for it off of here as a matter of fact. It's made of rolled fencing (plastic stuff) I'm not sure what it's called off the top of my head. But it does work.! GOOD LUCK Hope you don't lose anymore [​IMG]

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