silkies are awesome!! they can be really pricey if you want nice ones. they are one of the best brooders you can get. they will set any thing that will fit under them. i dont let mine free range as they are kinda dumb and with thier crest cant see well so they need to be cooped up. we keep ours in a chicken tractor. the roos try to be big and tough but yeah not happening. they come in 7 standardized colors (black,gray,blue,splash,buff,white,partridge), bearded and non bearded, unstandardized colors being work on are self blue, barred or cuckoo,lavender and a ginger red. they only come in a a bantam size in the u.s. but in europe they come in both sizes.

a turken and silkie cross is called a show girl. there is a few people trying to get them into standardized breed but they is no group or club for they as of yet. they want the showgirl to have the naked neck but the feathering and everything else of the silkie. the sizzle is just a silkie frizzle cross i dont think there is any one serouis working on them, but i could be wrong.

silkies have what is called a vaulted skull. the skull has a hole in it and the bone behind it is rasied with crest on top of it. your best show birds well have the biggest top knot. however because of the hole they must be protect from head injures. they can die from a sharp blow to the head. they have 5 toes, feathered legs, their skin, bones and organs are all black or purple. i love silkies they are by far my favorite breed.

there is two clubs for silkies. heres the link to one of them.

if i goofed any facts sorry.

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