Silkie - Abnormal Maturity?


May 23, 2020
Eastern Indiana
I'm hoping this is the correct discussion group. We have raised Silkies for some time and have always purchased from private breeders (eastern northern states). Every silkie we have raised and/or hatched has always matured at 5 months or a little later. Based on their characteristics and behaviors we were "at times" able to determine sex before crowing/laying (approx. 3.5-5 months of age).

The last batch of eggs hatched was from a reputable breeder and of show quality breed line (silver gene). We were able to determine 1 pure white was a cockerel by 1.5-2 months, and by 2-2.25 months he was crowing. 3 months old tomorrow, he is already mounting my 1-year-old hens!

One of the pure black babies has a huge poofy tuft, based on the tuft we assumed hen, but she, now he, and started crowning @ 2.5 months. It threw me off because it seems to behave similar to a hen, but it definitely crows every morning. All my roosters have slick back Elvis hair w/ streamers, not a poofy tuft. On the 2 cockerels, we have not noticed any wattles or a walnut that isn't normal sized for the age.

We are a little concerned at how young our cockerel is crowing and mounting. This doesn't seem normal based on our past experiences and behaviors with our older Silkies. I've attached photos of the pure white cockerel. Any insight, suggestions, and comments are greatly appreciated.



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I've got some serama cockerels, one of which was mounting his brothers and sisters at 8 weeks old!

Silkies are funny creatures. Such variety and I think the maturity varies a lot.

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