Silkie adolescent digging at chest when I pick her up...


8 Years
Mar 10, 2011
SE Michigan
Just today I introduced my new batch of babies to me older flock, everybody has been getting along fine with minimal picking. This is when I noticed that one of the smaller silkies in the group has a weird spaz whenever you pick her up. She will begin to frantically dig her beak around in her chest fluff, as if looking for what is touching her, and will continue to do so even after setting her down. I have also noticed that while the other chicks are playing outside, she will stay inside of the coop and sort of look at the ground constantly. My sister suggested that she has vision problems, but I am wondering if it is an illness. She seems a little slower than the others, but no drowsiness, bubbley eyes, noisy breathing, etc. I will have a video up of her behavior as soon as it is finished processing on YouTube. Has anyone here experienced this problem before?
Looks like a neurological issue. You could rename her "Tweek"

But as long as she is eating pooping and growing ok I would not worry
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