Silkie Attacked...HELP

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    My splash silkie pullet "Chloe" was free ranging today with my flock of ducks and my rooster "Craig". I was doing work inside and last saw her around 4 pm by the river relaxing and being ever so cute. Well today when I went out for about 30 minutes I came home to find Craig alone in the coop and the rest of my flock of ducks free ranging in peace. I spent 20 minutes loooking for chloe until I found a pile of feathers -- no blood or sign of struggle. What could this predator be? I am stumped [​IMG]

    I live in Southwestern Connecticut
    The night earlier a pack of coyotes were trying to break into the coop but I scared them away, I don't think this was them because I live in a fairly populated area with little room for them to hunt, especially in the day light.

    HELP ME PLEASE. I Want to find out what it is and arm myself properly.
    This means WAR

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    I live in the middle of the city--not at all rural--and we have occasional daylight sightings of coyotes in the neighborhood, as well as at least one mid-afternoon attack on a flock several years ago.

    I'm sorry for your loss [​IMG] but it does seem like the coyotes are the likely predator since you have seen them previously.
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