Silkie Bantam Limping!


5 Years
Oct 8, 2014
Billerica, MA
Hello! So today I wen outside to check on my chickens since my father let them out of the coop. All the hens were outside except one of my white silkie batam! She laid in the coop not moving when I approached her which seemed odd. I tried to get her attention until she got up and limped her way out! :( It was heartbreaking to see because I love her and I hate seeing any of my hens struggle! I just noticed this today and have no clue what has happened! I haven't gone and picked her up to examine her because I'm afraid I'll hurt her even more or that the rooster will start to chase me! She was walking on both foot but waddle in a way. Her foot didn't seem to be curled under, but I don't know why she is limping! I think a predator hurt her or maybe she's getting sick. Any suggestions?
My chicken started limping and I felt the same as you did.

-Have you checked whether anything has pricked the bottom of the poor thing's foot?
-Has she been wormed?
-Has she been jumping off high places?

My chicken stopped limping after a few days. Found out she jumped of a high shelf of orchids.

Hope your chookie gets better.

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