Silkie breeding question


10 Years
Jan 23, 2010
If I bred two Silkies that had muffs and beards would the chicks that hatch all have muffs and a beard or would some have and some not? Also if I bred two that did not have muffs or a beard would any of the chicks have them? Or what if one had muffs and a beard and the other did not what then?
Muffs/beards are quite variable in expression. If either of the silkies has two copies of the gene, all offspring will display some amount of muffs/beards. If both are het. for the gene (have one copy), about 25% will inherit two copies of the NOT-muffs/beard allele, and should be unbearded.
So basicaly there is no way to be certain that you are or are not going to get a silkie with or without muffs and a beard?

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