Silkie brooder questions


11 Years
Jun 8, 2008
Feura Bush, NY
Our Buff Silkie is broody. I was wondering what is the maximum number of standard size chicken eggs that I can put under her? I have a bunch coming from forum members and want to let her try to hatch them. I have dorkings,silkies,bantam EE, bantam salmon favorlles, and bantam cochins eggs coming this week!

I have her isolated in her own house because the other hens would step on her to try and lay in the nest. She currently is sitting on two eggs but I don 't know if they are fertile or not. It has only been a couple of days now.

Can chickens tell if the egg is bad and will they push it out of the nest?

If you get too many eggs, they will cycle out from under her, which wouldnt be good for the eggs at all. Whatever will fit under her would be fine to hatch, just make sure she can cover them. Good luck!
I'd say about 6-8 standard sized eggs, or 10 bantam eggs. If you make sure she is setting on a deep nest where the eggs can't roll out from under her, you can give her a couple more. I still wouldn't try to put too many under her, that can do more harm than good. Good luck!
Great thanks! The dorking eggs will be here today with extras! I will put some of these under her first and try and candle the other ones underneath her now.


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