Silkie chick with strange symptoms...Please HELP


10 Years
May 3, 2009
Rio, WV
I have a 5 day old Silkie chick that seems to get ataxic, falls down with head turned to the right, lying on left side, and sticks right leg out straight/stiff. She usually peeps loudly right before this happens. It only last about 10-25 seconds then she acts normal. I have also found her on her back a few times. After the episode is over, she walks normally, head straight. She is eating and drinking fine and growing well. She is in with other Silkies, none of which pick on her. I have been searching BYC forums and the only thing I could find that seemed similar is wry neck. But her neck is not always crooked, it occurs in episodes. I am feeding medicated chick starter feed, available at all times. I started poly-vi-sol vitamins 1 drop on beak twice daily today. Fresh water in no drown chick water available at all times. I have her in a brooder, with 4 other Silkie chicks, in the house. So I can keep a very close eye on them . They have a red heat lamp in one corner and have plenty of room for the 5 of them, no over crowding. If this is wry neck, how long until she starts to improve. If it is not wry neck, what is it? I have not seen her bending her head underneath or backing up. The only abnormal behavior is as noted above.
Other than poly-vi-sol, is there anything else I can do for her.
Thank you!
Gosh, I hope its not seizures. That would be very bad.

Thus far this morning, she hasn't had any episodes. Hopefully whatever it is, the poly-vi-sol is helping. I'll cont. to watch her closely.

Any other info would be greatly appreciated. I've never had anything like this with my chicks. I am still learning.

Anyone have any ideas? Could it have been wry neck?

Thus far today I have not seen any symptoms, but did have to go out for awhile. I have cont. the poly-vi-sol.

How long should I cont. to give it?


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