Silkie chicks (pics)

Jessie and Kade

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7 Years
Nov 11, 2012
Well its official I'm hooked on chickens lol! We brought home 2 silkie chicks!! Today and I'm praying when I put them outside in a few months with my 2 Big hens (RIR and BCM) that they don't get picked on too badly!! My kids are in Love with these 2 babies!! They love our older 2 but because they didnt "raise" them (1 came as an adult 1 we got at 5mths and she went right outside with our older hen) they are nervous around them!! I'm hoping with these 2 babies being raised in the house they will relax around them! The babies just here about 30mins ago and they are already eating and drinking! Their hatch date was Feb 27th. They are super cute and are a Partridge and a Black. The Partridge is Sparkles and the Black is Smarties! Here's hoping we end up with 2 girls!!



I accidently got a miniature Buff polish and she has adopted a large Light Brahma chick. I'm not sure if the Brahma likes the attention but she is very patient. I think the tiny polish will be just fine.
Thanks :) they are a bit freaked out but prefer sitting on my hand than the floor! They like the confines of their little house for now but hopefully will become more friendly!

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