Silkie color/gender questions...


8 Years
May 5, 2011
Do colors or genders of silkies determine different features and I just confused? I have (2) red, (2) black & (2) white chicks that are approx 6 weeks old.
My (2) white are my smallest chicks and they have hardly NO hair/combs on top of their heads, pretty much flat, they are pretty skittish and hide under anybody that will hold still.
My (2) blacks are really big & fluffy, and they have a little bit of "hair" sticking up on top. They are not as skittish as the whites but not as brave as my reds. They kinda just look like fluffy crows

My (2) reds are really tall and they both have these purpley/gray bumpy looking things growing where their noses stop & feathers start. And one of them stands up to me when I come around, not mean, they are really my favorites!

Is there any indications of what I may have here? I forgot my camera today but can post some pics tomorrow...Thanks!

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