Silkie coop is progressing, however, I've hit a snag...

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    Nov 25, 2010
    I'm repurposing a former doghouse into a coop for my 3 Silkies. I've reached the point where I just need to finish getting it painted, put the hardware back on and the final step will be reshingling the roof. The snag I've run up against is that hubby handed me the calk gun with a tube of white silicone in lieu of paintable calk in it. I wasn't paying attention and used the silicone to seal up some cracks, etc. Now that I'm in the process of painting, the paint doesn't want to stick to the places where the silicone is (gives those areas a kind of "crackled" look). [​IMG]Do I have to rip out the silicone and recalk those areas or, would it suffice just to put a light coating of paintable calk over the silicone so that the paint sticks?

    Pictures of the progress thus far:



    Bay window:


    Window opposite the bay window:


    Doors, back and front (front will be a chicken door in door for easy access/cleaning):


    Please pardon the mess in my wood shed. Most of the materials I've used thus far are repurposed. I probably have about $80 total into the project so far, $50 of that was for the doghouse itself.

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    Looking fabulous!!! I love it! Not sure what to tell you about the caulking. If it were me, I'd rip it back out as best I can and then caulk back over it. That is-- if you want it to paint over nicely. This is looking so pretty, that I'd go ahead and do it. Sorry. :(
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    Jul 5, 2011
    X 2 I would also try to remove it......[​IMG] Sorry stuff like that can be SO frustrating! Don't feel bad.... I painted a dresser once with the wrong kind of paint....the paint would just scratch off. I had to sand all of it off and prime it AGAIN with a different primer AND THEN paint it again!!!

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