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    Silkie x Rhode Island Red Hatching Eggs

    I am excited to offer hatching eggs from my silkie x rhode island reds! They are all 70% silkie, 30% RIR, and 100% adorable and sweet. They have the silkies personality, five toes, and most have the classical silkie feathers. They are bantam size, so prepare to get tiny fluffy little chicks. One of my hens has regular feathers, but a softer version, and lots of them! Her chicks have all had the same type of feathering, but are still very fluffy. All of the parents are black, but carry the splash gene, and I have had several white chicks from them as well.

    I raise them for their adorable persionalities and egg laying ability. The influence of RIR makes them lay up to six eggs per week each. They are pets, and so I would prefer them to not go to homes where they will be raised for meat purposes. The parents are all happy and healthy, with non of the hens being related to the daddy roo. Be prepared for broody hens, these ladies love to be mammas!

    Fertility has been great, with 18 out of twenty eggs being fertile. My personal hatch rates under a broody hen have been 95%, but with shipped eggs I cannot promise the success of your hatch rates.

    This sale includes eight eggs, but I will always include extras if the hens will provide them!

    SHIPPING Hatching Eggs are a RISK. Once the eggs are shipped they are unfortunately out of my control. Any damage to packages during shipping is the risk of shipped eggs. I will not be responsible for shipping damages. I take reasonable care for packing your eggs, just like I would want my eggs shipped. I can offer NO GUARANTEE on your hatch rate, but will keep my fingers crossed for you. By posting, bidding or buying you understand these terms.
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