Silkie Duck Hatching Eggs

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    May 21, 2013
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    I have hatching eggs from my mixed color flock of Bantam Silkie ducks (Holderread line) available, $4 each + $16 shipping for up to a dozen. Eggs will be individually bubble wrapped and double boxed. I have great fertility at the moment. My flock consists of mostly homozygous (= silkied) ducks. I have one heterozygous (smooth feathered) duck in the flock since I don't have a silkied one of her color (white). Therefore some ducklings might hatch smooth feathered. Please be aware that these eggs are a little tricky to hatch. If you have never hatched before they might not be a good place to start. I'm happy to share tips on how to incubate them. My farm is NPIP certified and AI clean (NC NPIP 55-1292)
    Please be aware that shipping hatching eggs is a risk and as soon as they are out of my hands I cannot be responsible for how the post office treats the box. I do my very best to get them to you in perfect condition and if there are any problems with the eggs please let me know and I'll try to make it right.
    Please make sure to pm or email me, since I sometimes don't see comments to this thread.
    My farm page is
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    Do you have any hatching eggs available?

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