Silkie eggs ,24+ blck,blue,white,splsh,buff, and sometimes partridge


15 Years
Mar 12, 2008
Powder Springs, ga
I've closed this auction, these eggs were sold, Please see the new classified post in the same category

silkie eggs,from Bearded stock. All my silkies are separated by color except the splash and some blues are together,blacks and blues are together, whites are separate, buffs are separate. they have blue ear lobes, 5 toes, nice crest , the correct standards.
, I do not guarantee your hatch rate, because it depends on your hatching methods, and the postal handling, but I get a good hatch rate here.I accept paypal at [email protected] shipping is $15 eggs are no more than 4 days old unless they are the extras.
the eggs will be shipped the next business day after the sell. Would like to ship these off on Monday, Jan 16. Thanks for looking
occasionally I will get a partridge from my blues and blacks, must be a hidden gene in there. Don't have any adult partridges.
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Your parent birds are beautiful!
These eggs are SO tempting. My husband would put me in the coop if I bought them, though.
Do you sell fewer than 6 or 7 eggs? We are currently looking for an incubator from friends in 4-H. We are especially interested in starting a flock of black silkies, but I am really impressed with every one of the parent bird pictures you posted. Thanks, Darla
thanks, Darla.
Yes I can send fewer, but I suggest you go with at least 1 doz, because with the shipping and hatching, you are more than likely to end up with at least some of them to hatch. These are flock animals, and the chicks like to "flock"and huddle together. You don't want just 2 or 3.
When I reposted this ad, to start a new one, all the replies from my last ad are also duplicated. I didn't want to start a brand new ad, takes too long to upload the pics , etc.
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