Silkie Emergency!!


7 Years
Jun 16, 2012
Northeast, PA
My silkie hen is about a year old, and she had started to act funny. She stopped laying (I know the days are getting shorter so I didnt think much of it), then she started laying around in the coop after I let them into the run in the morning, now she won't stand up. I brought her in this evening to give her a bath and found her in the coop again. When I washed her, I noticed that she had alot of scabbing on her head, I also discovered she has mites (didn't find any eggs though, but she is white so it is hard to tell), and now she won't even walk or hold her chest off the ground. She will hold her head up like normal, but not her chest.
Someone please help me, she is such a sweet chicken, I just love her, but I also don't want her to suffer. Please if someone has any idea what is wrong!! Thanks
how does her crop feel? give her some pol vi sol with no iron and colloidal silver 1/2 ml of each, it will not harm her and will help support her until you can figure out what is wrong

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